Sports Performance Hypnotherapy

Unleash The

Hero Inside.

Sports Performance Hypnotherapy improves and enhances your mental attitude by reducing fear, increasing relaxation and refining your focus.

Sports Hypnosis Guide

Sports Hypnosis Guide

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Release Your Mind

Understand Your Biology. Let Your Brain Work For You.

Sports Hypnosis greatly improves performance. Studies show that sports success is down to 90% of the mind. Of course high levels of fitness must be maintained but research shows it is more to do with mental ability than physical. Hypnotherapy improves and enhances mental attitude by reducing fear, to feel more relaxed and increase confidence and focus.

Discover how to speed up your learning curve for new techniques, moves and skills


Free your mind of all fears and doubts to truly unlock your mind


It’s not how many ideas you have, it’s how many you make happen


As Albert Einstein says, creativity is just intelligence having fun


Brain power improves by brain use, just as our bodily strength grows with exercise


Discover how to speed up your learning curve for new techniques, moves and skills


Discover how to speed up your learning curve for new techniques, moves and skills

Reinforce Wherever You Are

Not Just For Professionals

We believe in improving your performance wherever you are - so you can listen to all of our hypnotherapy recordings on your phone, laptop or tablet. Professional sportsmen and sportswomen around the world have dedicated hypnotherapists to condition their minds. Make sure you have the edge over the competition - download your hypnotherapy program today. Finally the boost you've been craving is here.

Sports Hypnosis Guide

Sports Hypnosis Guide

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Reputation For Success

Built By Enda O’Shea

Enda has over 10 years experience having trained with some of the top hypnosis academies worldwide. He is a highly qualified hypnotist and has worked with many successful athletes and sports teams.
He has worked with many successful hypnotists all over the world. His qualifications include:
• National Guild of Hypnotists Member and Certified Hypnotist
• International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotists
• Ericksonian Hypnotherapist and Certified Member
• UK Hypnosis Academy Member – clinical, practical training – demonstrated the highest degree of competence.

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Today FM

Irish Weightlifter Sets New World Record Using Hypnosis

Emma KeyesPower Lifter

My favourite lift from yesterday. 110Kg Squat. If anyone has the time to listen to why this means so much, thank you🙃 Hopefully sharing might help other young lifters, or any other people in general who struggle with the same day to day mindset as me.

Duncan CaseyMunster Rugby Player

The next few days I trained, I felt way better and I was training well. I was actually enjoying it again!

Liam BevilleWorld Powerlifting Champion

I accomplished all my life goals in Powerlifting and I could not have done this without help from Enda and hypnosis

Emma KeyesPowerlifting

I was probably the most relaxed I have ever been before lifting. A massive thank you to Enda for giving me the push I needed in the right direction.

What You Get

Session Recordings

MP3 Format

To listen to anytime you need. These will make up the core part of your program.

Mindset Guide

PDF Format

Get concrete steps and tasks you need to repeat daily in order to maintain a focused mindset not only in sports but in all that you do.

1-to-1  Online Support

with Enda O’Shea

Get bespoke advice and tips from Enda via E-Mail or Video Call. Regardless of what sport you play, Enda will make sure you have a program that fits your needs.

Download Sports Hypnosis Guide

Hypnosis is a highly effective, safe and non-invasive way of reprogramming the subconscious mind to break bad habits and replace them with the desired alternatives.

Download Sports Hypnosis Guide

Download Sports Hypnosis Guide

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Get a specially designed program just for you - from Enda O'Shea himself.


MP3 Download

No matter what sport you play or at what level you participate, nerves can be a major influence over your level of performance, competitiveness and ultimately your enjoyment of the sport you play. Get the recording now and start unleashing your full potential!

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